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Types of Crack Addiction Treatment

Various types of treatment exist for crack addiction including holistic treatment, inpatient or residential treatment and outpatient treatment.  Rehab centers provide a number of different treatment modalities during each type of addiction treatment that range from counseling and therapy to medication monitoring and support.

Holistic crack addiction treatmentHolistic Crack Addiction Treatment

Holistic crack addiction treatment varies between rehab centers but in most cases, this type of treatment includes things like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, exercise programs and nutritional counseling.  The various treatments come together in holistic addiction treatment to provide the addict with the tools, knowledge and support necessary to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Under holistic addiction treatment, the focus is on healing the entire system—the body, the spirit and the emotions for a rounded approach to overcoming addiction.

Inpatient Treatment includes counselingInpatient Crack Addiction Treatment

Inpatient crack addiction treatment provides detox, counseling, therapy and support as well as medical care in a controlled environment that is free from drugs or alcohol.  The benefits of inpatient addiction treatment revolve around the safety and security as well as the improved success rates that come with receiving around the clock treatment and care.  Through inpatient treatment for crack addiction, the individual is given the greatest possible chance of successfully recovery from addiction.

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Residential rehab center for crack addiction treatmentResidential Crack Addiction Treatment

Residential crack addiction treatment is essentially the same as inpatient treatment.  During residential treatment, the addict will live in the facility while they undergo treatment.  Meals, counseling, therapy and housing are all provided during residential crack addiction treatment.  Many residential rehab centers provide various types of supplemental therapy in addition to the standard individual and group counseling.  These therapies may include: art therapy, equine therapy, outdoor exercises, acupuncture and other holistic healing methods.

Outpatient treatment for crack addictionOutpatient Crack Addiction Treatment

Outpatient crack addiction treatment is an excellent alternative to inpatient care and is especially beneficial to those who have strong support systems at home.  For those who can’t afford inpatient treatment or who are unable to invest the time to actually live in a residential rehab center, outpatient addiction treatment provides an alternative source of therapy, counseling and care.  Most outpatient crack addiction treatment programs include support groups, educational classes, therapy and counseling that aid in the recovery process.  Additional services are sometimes offered such as job placement assistance, child care, and similar services that can assist the recovering addict in getting back on track post addiction.

Call (888) 223-4410 anytime to discuss crack rehab options if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with addiction and/or a mental health disorder.