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Challenges of Crack Rehab

Crack Rehab

Don’t let the challenges of crack rehab keep you from the recovery you deserve.

Crack cocaine, one of the most devastating and addicting drugs on earth, has affected the lives of millions of individuals and their families.  It is estimated that crack cocaine addiction plagues more than one million people with the majority of users being between the ages of 25 and 54.  While crack rehab provides many helpful opportunities and care options, there are also many challenges associated with crack rehab.

Physical Addiction to Crack Creates Many Challenges in Crack Rehab

Initially, the physical addiction is what creates the biggest challenge in crack rehab.  The user is strongly addicted to the drug and withdrawal, discomforts and recklessness result during the initial phase when the addict first stops smoking crack.  In time, these physical challenges may include sweats, nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness or insomnia, and even seizures.

Fortunately, the physical addiction to crack subsides rather quickly and the body begins to adjust to life without crack within a few days or weeks of entering into crack rehab.  Once the physical challenges are no longer a major issue, the addict can begin to focus on some of the remaining challenges that surround crack rehab and addiction treatment.

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 Psychological Addiction to Crack Creates the Biggest Challenge of All

The most difficult part of crack rehab is coping with the psychological addiction that comes with being a crack addict.  Psychologically, crack addiction is very difficult to beat.  Rehab centers provide many different types of counseling and therapy that are aimed at helping the recovering addict to break old habits, learn new ways of coping and ultimately confront their addiction head to head.

The psychological challenges that surround crack addiction treatment sometimes require months or even years of counseling and therapy in order for the addict to make a full and successful recovery.  Crack rehab centers help the recovering addict to heal from trauma or other events that have resulted from the crack addiction as well as any life situations that occurred before the addiction and which may have been the primary cause of the user to start smoking crack in the first place.

 Social Challenges of Crack Rehab

Socially, the recovering addict must face many changes in light of their new life without crack cocaine.  Old friends who still abuse drugs become a danger to the newly recovered addict and family members who also use drugs or who enable the drug abuse could also be considered dangerous.  What may seem like a harmless visit to an old hang out spot or friend’s house could be detrimental and damaging to the recovery process, placing the addict right in the middle of stressful event or situation.

Rehab centers that treat crack addiction shed light on the need for the addict to create new friendships and healthy relationships after treatment.  One of the biggest challenges that a recovering addict will face after crack rehab will be to continue to stay focused on their recovery efforts when faced with the normal day to day challenges of the real world.

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