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Avoiding Relapse after Crack Addiction Recovery

Crack Addiction Relasp

You must stick to you crack addiction recovery plan to avoid relapse.

No matter how long you’ve been clean (a day, a week, a year or many years) chances are you are still taking active precautions to avoid relapse.  That’s the nature of addiction and recovery—it’s a constant battle of doing everything possible to avoid relapse and to ensure continued success on the recovery bandwagon.  Fortunately, there are many steps that you can take to avoid relapse after you have completed crack addiction treatment and many crack rehab centers provide you with additional tools and support to ensure your continued recovery success.

One thing you learn in treatment is that structure is vital to the overall success of the recovery process.  Outside of treatment, it’s important to maintain similar structure and to stay busy in a positive way.  One step that you can take to avoid relapse after you have completed treatment for crack addiction is to stay on a schedule.  Maintain a schedule that includes work or school, family time, and your own private time and stick to the schedule.

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Most rehab centers provide aftercare services which include various types of treatment or extended support to ensure your long term recovery without relapse.  Sober living homes provide aftercare services that are perfect for those who are in recovery from crack addiction and who are not ready to return to the normal pressures that come with going back home.  If you don’t choose to enter a sober living home after you are treated for crack addiction, consider other possible support and aftercare options that are available to you such as extended therapy and counseling, NA meetings or Cocaine Anonymous meetings, etc.

Stay Positive in Recovery to Avoid Relapse

Most importantly, you must remain positive about your recovery from crack addiction.  If you stay positive about your recovery, and you stay focused on the importance of maintaining your recovery, the chances of relapse will greatly decrease over time.  Pay close attention to those around you—if you have friends or family members who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you’ll need to consider staying away from those people in order to ensure your own recovery safety.

If you don’t have a strong support system at home, you’ll want to find a local support system that can help to keep you positive and on track.  In addition to the various chapters of Cocaine Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous groups that meet throughout the country, there are also many support groups and forums available online.  You may also find solace in the support provided by your local church or ministry.  Anywhere that you can get solid support when you need it is a good addition in your arsenal of tools to assist you in avoiding relapse.